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Senior Meeting and Forms

The Senior Meeting will be on Thursday, December 2nd @ 2:30 at the San Andreas site. We will be discussing the overall ceremony and designing the senior shirt that will be available for purchase. Click article title for much more information about the Graduation Meeting as well as graduation and scholarship forms. Posted 11/17/21

CHAW'SE Field Trip

Join us for this fun field trip on November 30th. Click article title for more information. Posted 11/30/21

Santa's Helper Tree

Check out our Christmas Tree in the front office. If you are interested in helping a child in need this year, here’s your chance! Click article title for flyer with more information. Posted 11/16/21

New PORTS Virtual Field Trips

Join PORTS if you haven't already! Two new virtual field trips have been added on November 8 and 10! Click article title for flyer with more information. Posted 10/11/21

California Healthy Kids Survey

History and Purpose
The CalSCHLS system was created by the California Department of Education (CDE) in 1997 to efficiently and cost-effectively provide school districts and their partner communities with quality local data which can be used to improve student academic performance and social-emotional, behavioral, and physical health of all youth. It assesses key indicators linked to success in school, career, and life. The majority of districts in California now use CalSCHLS data as Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) indicators. Click article title for more. Posted 10/25/21

FAFSA Information

The FAFSA is a federal and state grant program for HS seniors to receive financial assistance for college, university, and trade schools. The FAFSA must be completed in order for students to receive free tuition (Promise Grant) at California Community Colleges. The FAFSA for the school year 2022-23 just opened and now is the optimum time to do this. Click article title for more information. Posted 10/4/21

Rewards Points

The rewards points for last year's CAASPP test and for the beginning of the year i-Ready test have been calculated. Click article title to check your points, order rewards and see how you can earn more points. Posted 10/13/21

Game Club

Click article title for more information. Posted 9/12/21
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