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Mission, Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

Mountain Oaks Mission:

It is the mission of Mountain Oaks School to support homeschooling families so that students develop the academic, personal, social skills and qualities of lifelong learners.

Mountain Oaks Objectives:

Mountain Oaks provides the opportunity for each student to be treated as a unique person with individual needs, goals and interests. The Mountain Oaks philosophy is based on the belief that children grow and learn in different ways. The program is designed to meet unique personal and educational needs of students in grades kindergarten through twelve. A key element of the program is the availability of network and support groups. This program is especially designed by and for homeschool families working closely with qualified educational consultants who are knowledgeable and supportive of the homeschool model. 
Approved by the Governing Board on 10/28/08


Student Learning Outcomes:

The SLOs are goals we have established for our Mountain Oaks School graduates.
SLO 1: A Mountain Oaks School student develops and expands expressive and receptive communication skills in order to assure success in educational, social and occupational settings.
SLO 2: A Mountain Oaks School student develops and communicates a well-reasoned personal mission and goals that exhibit a local and global awareness, empathy and understanding.
SLO 3: A Mountain Oaks School student achieves individual academic excellence by engaging in rigorous standards-based learning activities.