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Lunch Program

 Lunch Program Guidelines
1.  Lunches are to be ordered 5 days in advance.  We do not have the staff or resources to guarantee "on-demand" lunch service. On Monday you would identify ALL lunches ordered for the following week. For example, a student who is on campus only Wednesday for workshops would order ONLY for the upcoming Wednesday, not other days of the week. Please follow this process as it is the only way we can ensure lunch is ordered for all students requesting lunch.
2.  Lunches are to be ordered for days and times students are assigned workshops or services here on campus lasting more than 2 hours.  If a student is just here for a mentor meeting or they are just on campus, that does not qualify the student for lunch. 
3.  Lunch will be served from 12:30-12:45PM through the CRA Kitchen on campus. Students should line up no earlier than 12:29PM.  Students will get their lunch from the windows in the gym and then exit the gym back to the Mountain Oaks courtyard. Staff will not let them into the gym early. Students are NOT to eat in the gym unless directed by staff. 

4. Please Note: Lunches may not always be Free. Please turn in the Free and/or Reduced Lunch paperwork that was requested at the beginning of the year.  If the paperwork is not in and/or you do not qualify for lunch services, we will begin charging for lunch.
5. Meals are being delivered from Calaveras Unified School District. Currently, we can only guarantee one of the options listed on the Calaveras River Academy menu. In the coming weeks, as our student numbers grow and we are able to collect the necessary paperwork from our families, we will expand the menu, however, these will continue to be the same meals offered through CUSD and our CRA kitchen on campus. This means you will want to reference the CRA menu to know what is being served. Eventually, we will post our own Mt. Oaks menu as well. For now, we can assure one of those options will be offered and if we run out of meals a replacement option will be provided.
6. Click here to order lunches directly from the CRA Kitchen.
7. Please let our Teachers and/or our Office Staff know if you have additional questions or need help with lunches.
Thank you in advance for following the aforementioned rules and guidelines for the lunch program.  This helps us ensure that staff and resources are able to meet the needs of our students.