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LCFF Accountability—The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

As part of the LCFF, school districts, county offices of education and charter schools are required to develop, adopt, and annually update a three-year Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), beginning on July 1, 2014, using a template adopted by the California State Board of Education (SBE). The LCAP is required to identify annual goals, specific actions, and measure progress for student subgroups across multiple performance indicators, including student academic achievement, school climate, student access to a broad curriculum, and parent engagement. School districts and charter schools are required to obtain parent and public input in developing, revising and updating LCAPs.

The academic priorities must be aligned to the district’s spending plan. The local Board of Directors must first approve the LCAP before adopting the annual district budget. County superintendents must review school district LCAPs and ensure alignment of projected spending, services, and goals. Charter school LCAPs will be reviewed by the chartering authority. COEs are required to provide technical assistance when they disapprove an LCAP. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction may intervene if a school district or charter school fails to show improvement across multiple subgroups in three out of four consecutive years.

Click below to view the LCAP and the LCAP Annual Update

Education Protection Act 

The Education Protection Account (EPA) provides local educational agencies (LEAs) with general purpose state aid funding pursuant to Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, approved by the voters on November 6, 2012. The EPA funding is a component of an LEA's total LCFF entitlement as calculated in the Principal Apportionment.

SB1349 School Athletics Participation Census 

2017-2018 Mountain Oaks total High School student enrollment:  BOYS: 89, GIRLS: 85
2017-2018 High School student athletes who participate in competitive athletics:  BOYS: 7, GIRLS:  8
2017-2018 Mountain Oaks sponsored High School teams: Girl's Varsity Volleyball (7 GIRLS) and Varsity Cross Country (7 BOYS and 1 GIRL)

Title IX Complaint Information 

The following document provides information regarding your rights and responsibilities regarding filing a Title IX Complaint.