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San Andreas Workshop Sign-Ups

The class lists for the San Andreas Workshops are completed. If you are on the waiting list for any workshop, you should receive a call from the workshop teacher. If you do not receive a call, just show up for the first class!

i-Ready Testing

The i-Ready Testing window runs from 8/20/18 - 9/28/18. We will offer proctoring throughout the window, with reduced proctoring when non-core workshops start. For more information and the proctoring schedule, click title.

Teddy Bear Clinic

This is a fun event at Mark Twain Hospital for Kindergartners. This year our school is invited to come on Wednesday, October 17.

Ready Curriculum Teacher's Editions

If you have any Ready Math, Reading or Writing Teacher's Editions, please save the school some money and return them when you are done with them.

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Each Announcement will have a Short Summary visible under the Title. More information (if there is any) can be accessed by clicking on the Announcement Title.