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Mountain Oaks Board Member Candidates

Please click article title to read the posted application responses from the 2021 Mountain Oaks Board Member Candidates. Ballots were emailed to the Mountain Oaks Community on Feb. 19th and are due back on March 5th. If you have not received a ballot, please contact our office and we will get a ballot emailed to you. The election is being done electronically through the Calaveras County Office of Education to ensure the integrity of the election process. Mountain Oaks Staff are not involved in the collection or counting of ballots. Posted 2/19/21

Student Digs for Fossils

Mountain Oaks student Dallis Donnell was given the opportunity to experience Paleontology at a fossil site at an undisclosed location. Dallis assisted a Paleontologist/Zoologist and a Naturalist in recovering a fossilized tusk from a Gomphothere which was a four-tusked Proboscidean ancestor of the modern elephant. This fossil is thought to be between five and ten million years old, with of course no exact date of fossilization. Due to the vulnerability of the tusk, it took around eight hours to carve out the surrounding rock to be able to wrap the fossil. Click article title to see pictures. Posted 2/5/21

Annual Retreat Padlet Link

Click article title to access the Padlet to see resources shared from the Annual Retreat and make comments and suggestions. Posted 1/22/21

Congratulations, We Are an Honor Roll School!

Mountain Oaks Families! Your Eagles continue to Soar! This morning the Education Results Partnership in Sacramento named Mountain Oaks to its 2019-20 Honor Roll! In short, ERP looks at a variety of student performance and data factors, they have given us "STAR" status which places us roughly in the top 25% of School Districts when accounting for their data metrics. This includes reviewing data based on Socioeconomics, SPED, Career Readiness, Growth Comparisons, etc. You can learn more about their organization by clicking the article title. Posted 1/19/21

Face Covering Update

Please access the link below for detailed information on changes to state guidelines for student face coverings.  We will be following the new guidance as families come on campus.  Click article title for more information. Posted 11/17/20

Check out Rewards 2.0!

Click article title for more information including Catalog and Order Form. Posted 9/25/20

New San Andreas Library Times for Families

In an effort to afford more time and use of the Library for families, please click on article title to see the new schedule. No appointment is required from 9AM to 3PM on your mentor teacher's assigned days, but families are still required to sign in. ALL safety guidelines are still enforced and we still have a limit of people in the library at one time. If the capacity of the library is exceeded, people will be asked to wait outside. We will be observing a maximum of 90 minutes of time in the library for any one family to ensure equitable use of the library. Posted 9/22/20

i-Ready Teacher Toolbox

The i-Ready Teacher Toolbox is now available to Mountain Oaks families who are using either the Ready curriculum in Reading and Math or online i-Ready Reading and Math. The Teacher Toolbox provides parents with additional resources which include Interactive Tutorials, Student and Teacher Instruction Books, Practice and Problem Solving Books and Answer Keys, Lesson Quizzes and Unit Assessments, Prerequisite Ready Lessons, Teacher-led Activities and Student-led Activities. To access this resource, please reach out to your mentor teacher and they can arrange to get you login information. Posted 9/8/20

Nature Journaling Video

Hello everyone! Here it is, the long-awaited Nature Journaling video with Ms. Kayle and Sally. This video is to help students of all levels to begin Nature Journaling on their own! Click article title for more information and to see video. Posted 5/28/20

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