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Summer i-Ready Access

Everything in i-Ready should work as normal until 7/21/23 when it begins the rollover and we will not have access to i-Ready until 8/14/23. This also is when grade levels will rollover, meaning that students will be the grade level that they currently are all summer. Posted 5/30/23

Baking Contest

Click article title for more information and to sign up. Posted 5/5/23

Order your 22-23 Yearbook Now

Families can order their 2022-2023 Mountain Oaks Yearbook now by clicking the article title. The cost is $46.00 per hardcover and $52 if you want it personalized. We will be taking orders until June 30th. The Yearbooks should arrive in October. Posted 5/4/2023

Internet Safety Letter

Click article title to read this important letter from Deborah Blankenship. Posted 4/27/23
Internet Safety Letter Featured Photo

Tri County Wildlife Visit

On Wednesday, April 19 the students of the Green Team had Tri County Wildlife bring in their raptor birds to present to our students. It was a huge hit! The Green Team also had a game planned that taught the kids about carrying capacity. Animal Awareness Week was made possible by Cecilia O'Geen, the president of the Green Team, and was planned and executed by these students. They are so dedicated and worked so hard to make this week happen. Click article title to see pictures. Posted 4/21/23

Snack Shack

Leadership run Snack Shack will start this Thursday, 3/16 from 12:00-12:30. Snacks range between $1 - $3. Please bring cash. Click article title to see flyer. Posted 3/15/23

Congratulations New Board of Directors Members

I sincerely thank everyone who voted in this year's Board of Directors election.

Congratulations go to our new Board members - Roxanna Rabe and Lauren Coolidge.

I appreciate their willingness to take on this responsibility and their service to Mountain Oaks.

Deb Blankenship

Student Campus Contract

With the increased number of students coming on campus, I need to take this opportunity to remind you of our school policy.

*ALL students in grades 7-12 who remain on campus without parental supervision are required to have a Mountain Oaks Student Campus Contract on file at the front desk, of their site.

*Students in grades 6 and below are NOT eligible to be on campus without parental supervision.

*Staying on campus in between scheduled learning activities is a PRIVILEGE, students are NOT guaranteed campus use in between learning activities. This privilege may be revoked at any time by a School Administrator.

Deborah Fogg Blankenship
Administrator, Mountain Oaks School

Click article title to see a copy of the Mountain Oaks Student Campus Contract. Posted 9/29/22
Mountain Oaks Rules