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Field Trip Opportunity

The Hawaiian Chieftain, a packet-style sailing ship built in Lāhainā, Maui, will be visiting Sacramento through November 24 and offering tours to local students. Click article title for more information.

Parking Reminder

Be sure not to park in the red zones at the San Andreas site! The buses can't get through if anyone is parked in these zones.

Santa Store

Friday December 7th from 12-3 PM we will be having a Santa Store for the kids to come in and buy gifts for their parents and other family members at the San Andreas site. The prices will range from $.50- $5.00 and there will be parents in there to help the kids if needed and bag/tag each gift they buy. The profits from this will all go toward workshops and other enrichment programs. We are asking for any donations to help with this, preferably small inexpensive items such as flashlights, small tools, bracelets, candles, ornaments, etc… We also need help running the store. If you can help in any way contact Melinda at 890-5301 or Becky at 559-7501. Donations can be left with Dana at the front desk. Thank you!

Santa's Helper

We are once again offering our Santa’s Helper program to the families at all three of our sites. Click article title for more information whether you would like to help or are a family in need.
Santa's Helper Flyer

Upcoming Events