Summer Hours

The school will be open on a limited basis during July. Please contact Samantha Hamilton via email at or call 754-0532, ext. 2258 for Enrollment, Transcripts, Work Permits, Dual Enrollment forms, or any other school related items.

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Summer Hours

The school will be open on a limited basis during July. Please contact Samantha Hamilton via email at or call 754-0532, ext. 2258 for Enrollment, Transcripts, Work Permits, Dual Enrollment forms, or any other school related items.

Change Letter Grade to Pass/No Pass

Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 104 which means parents/guardians of students who were enrolled in a high school course during the 2020–21 school year (or students, if 18 years old or older) may request a grade change. Eligible individuals may apply to the student’s LEA to change the letter grade on the student transcript to Pass or No Pass. LEAs are not allowed to limit the number or type of courses eligible for the grade change, and the grade change cannot negatively impact a student’s grade point average. The bill also requires CSU) and requests UC and private colleges to accept Pass or No Pass grades on a student’s transcript for those courses taken during the 2020–21 school year. Some postsecondary educational institutions, including those in other states, may not accept a Pass or No Pass grade instead of a letter grade for admission purposes. Once this information is posted by the applicable LEAs, parents, and students have 15 calendar days to apply for a grade change; LEAs cannot accept grade change applications after those 15 days. An LEA has 15 calendar days from when the grade change request is submitted to make the change on the student’s transcript and notify the student and/or parents. This information was posted on the Mountain Oaks website on July 30, 2021 therefore, the last day to apply for a grade change will be August 14, 2021. Please return the completed Grade Change Application to the front office no later than August 24, 2021. Posted 7-30-21

Photo Day

Amber Pappe, the school photographer, will be here at the San Andreas site on Wednesday, September 1st from10:00-1:30 for Photo Day. Families will need to call Dana at 754-0532, ext. 2221 to schedule an appointment. Packages will be available for purchase or families can come and have the child's photo taken for free for the yearbook. Posted 7/27/21

School Vaccinations

The Mark Twain Health Care District is offering routine school vaccinations to students who are insured by Anthem Blue Cross (Medi-Cal). The vaccination location is the Valley Springs Health & Wellness Center, at the corner of Vista Del Lago and Hwy 26 in Valley Springs. Simply call (209) 772-7070 for an appointment. Posted 7/27/21

End of Year Library Materials Return Information - IMPORTANT!

It is the end of another school year and that means another round of returning library materials! We are making some small changes to our end of year procedure and we are still under some COVID restrictions. Click article title for more information. Posted 5/26/21

Congratulations Mountain Oaks Math Mini-Bowl Winners!

The Mountain Oaks 6th grade Math Mini-Bowl Team won first place in the "Sixth Grade BOMB"! Thank you Jennifer Lloyd for organizing and supporting our team! Click article title see see more results and the Awards Video. Posted 5/19/21

May Eagle Gazette

Click article title to read the May Eagle Gazette. Posted 5/17/21


Families may complete the Pre-Registration form to be added to our waiting list that will be used for any future openings. Click article title to complete this form. Posted 5/11/21

COVID-19 Notice

Click article title to see this information. Posted 5-5-21

New Early College Option for ALL Mountain Oaks 8th Graders!

Complete your AS Degree and earn your High School Diploma at the same time! Limited space is available. This is offered 100% Online and Tuition is FREE. Please discuss with your Mentor Teacher and sign up by emailing your information and interest in participation to: Click article title for more information. Posted 3/16/21

2019-2020 Yearbook (Previous School Year)

Several people have contacted us and said that they forgot to order a yearbook for last school year 2019-2020. We were never able to order additional yearbooks after the initial order, until now. Families can order last year's yearbook by clicking on the article title. The cost is $62.50 (which is $14 more than if you ordered it last year) but it will be shipped to you directly.

2020-2021 Yearbooks (Current School Year)

Families can upload photos or purchase this year's 2020-2021 Yearbook by clicking on the article title. The yearbooks are hardcover and are $37.50 for a standard yearbook or $44.50 for a personalized yearbook. This year, we will only be taking online orders. Families can pay an extra fee to have it shipped directly to them or they can have it shipped to the school for free. We do not receive our yearbook until usually October because we include all school events through the end of the school year. If you have any questions regarding ordering a yearbook, please contact Samantha at or 754-0532, ext. 2258.


We are starting to work on our 2020-2021 yearbook. Families are encouraged to turn in individual photos of their children that can be used on the grade pages of the yearbook. These can be photos from our Photo Day on April 7th or even candid shots taken at home. We are also wanting photos of unique things the kids have been doing this year. Families have been getting very creative with homeschooling and we would love to showcase that in the yearbook. With so much being virtual, we are relying on the parents to submit photos to make this a wonderful yearbook. Families can upload photos straight to the yearbook company by clicking on the article title. Please make sure that the photo is saved with the child's name and grade or name and event so that it will be placed correctly in the yearbook. Posted 3/5/21

Congratulations, We Are an Honor Roll School!

Mountain Oaks Families! Your Eagles continue to Soar! This morning the Education Results Partnership in Sacramento named Mountain Oaks to its 2019-20 Honor Roll! In short, ERP looks at a variety of student performance and data factors, they have given us "STAR" status which places us roughly in the top 25% of School Districts when accounting for their data metrics. This includes reviewing data based on Socioeconomics, SPED, Career Readiness, Growth Comparisons, etc. You can learn more about their organization by clicking the article title. Posted 1/19/21

Check out Rewards 2.0!

Click article title for more information including Catalog and Order Form. Posted 9/25/20

i-Ready Teacher Toolbox

The i-Ready Teacher Toolbox is now available to Mountain Oaks families who are using either the Ready curriculum in Reading and Math or online i-Ready Reading and Math. The Teacher Toolbox provides parents with additional resources which include Interactive Tutorials, Student and Teacher Instruction Books, Practice and Problem Solving Books and Answer Keys, Lesson Quizzes and Unit Assessments, Prerequisite Ready Lessons, Teacher-led Activities and Student-led Activities. To access this resource, please reach out to your mentor teacher and they can arrange to get you login information. Posted 9/8/20

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