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Pool Needed

Our hardworking underwater ROV program needs a local pool to practice in from April-May 9. If you can help, please contact Rose Justi at 1-888-686-6257 ext. 2255

Kathleen's Classes

6/9 Math, 3/5 Math, Science and Creative Writing classes with Ms Lewis will restart on 3/25/2019. I apologize for the disruption in the schedule again. The next two weeks were set for training and WASC before I knew I would be out of the classroom in February. I value each and every student and will continue to work hard to make this time up. Thank you for your patience! Kathleen Lewis

Amazon Cards for i-Ready Testing

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THOSE STUDENTS (AND THEIR PARENT/TEACHERS) WHO DEMONSTRATED SUCH AMAZING GROWTH ON THE MID-YEAR I-READY TESTING! Thanks to your efforts, the test scores for mid-year soared! Please be a bit patient with us since the results were so much better than anticipated. Your gift cards should be ready for pick up before the end of this month. Many, many thanks for a job well done!

Congratulations Ione Science Fair Winners!

First place winner was Lily Himmell, second place was Lexi Himmel, third place was Mason Ford and fourth place was Kailey Baker. Click article title to see more pictures.
Ione Science Fair

Upcoming Events

Spelling Bee

Time: 6 PM – 8:30 PM
Location: Calaveras River Academy / Mt. Oaks Gym, San Andreas
11 Apr