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Rewards 2.0 !

Welcome to Rewards 2.0!  (updated 10/13/21)
Mountain Oaks is committed to supporting our students in as many ways as possible, Rewards 2.0 is our latest addition to our schoolwide PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support) model, with more exciting things to come.
This Link will take you to a page that will explain how students can earn their rewards!
Presenting our newest way for students to spend their hard-earned Rewards points: The Catalog. Below you will find The Catalog filled with items that range from useful to fun and everywhere in between!
  • To begin the ordering process first make sure you are logged into your student's Mountain Oaks Email account.
    • Then, check your point balance by either filling out THIS FORM or sending an email request to [email protected] . Please allow up to 3 school days for a response.
    • Then, fill out THIS FORM to make your order. NOTE: you will need to reference the item numbers from the catalog in the form so please make note of the item numbers and quantity you would like to order. You will receive a confirmation email summarizing your order up to 72 hours after submitting the form; please check the summary for accuracy.
Only one student per order, and only 10 different items per order. If you need to order more than 10 items please submit additional orders.
All catalog orders will be processed weekly on Friday, you will have until 4pm of the Thursday of the week you submit your order to make any changes or cancellations. Any orders submitted after 4pm Thursday will not be processed until the following Friday
After an order has been processed it will be shipped to the San Andreas site and distributed from there. Please allow reasonable standard shipping times for arrival to the San Andreas site.
If you have any questions please reach out to your mentor teacher for further explanation!
Please note that items and pricing in The Catalog are subject to change at any time, we will update The Catalog on this page with any major changes as soon as possible so please only use this page as your reference for ordering.