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Work Experience

Work Experience credit may be earned by high school students. Opportunities are available for students to participate in job shadowing, apprenticeships and paid employment.



Work Experience is an elective course which combines paid employment with curriculum.  Students attend their own acquired jobs during the week, and they complete curriculum to support understanding of job-related situations and skills. 

Students MUST have an approved, legally-paid job to earn school credit.  Employers must carry Workman’s Compensation on all employed students.  Students must receive a pay stub with deductions taken out for each pay period.  Course credit is given from several components:  submitting pay stubs to Work Experience Coordinator each month, completing monthly curriculum standard lessons, and an evaluation by job supervisor each semester. 

Students may earn up to a maximum of 10 credits per semester, but not more than a total of 40 credits in 4 years.  Students earn this credit as follows:  1 credit per 36 hours shown on pay stubs.  Students must submit copies of pay stubs making sure the Social Security number has been blacked out.
Students may be dropped from the work experience program due to: 
  • Not turning in monthly pay stubs
  • Not completing required curriculum for the semester
  • Extended period of unemployment (more than one month)
  • Lack of quality/quantity of academic progress on their Master Agreement with Mountain Oaks
  • Decline in Grade Point Average (GPA)

Work Permits may be revoked or permitted hours reduced:

  • If the job affects student’s health, education, or welfare
  • Upon request of a school administrator, parent, mentor teacher, or work experience coordinator


School Contact:    Joy Illian – Work Experience Coordinator 754-0532 ext. 4060


Click here to visit the California Association of Work Experience Educators website.