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Work Permits and Regulations

According to California State law, all minors (under the age of 18) in school MUST have a valid work permit.  The work permit for the school year is valid from the date of issuance through the summer break and through five days after the beginning of the next school year.  
YOU MUST obtain a new work permit for each new school year, and when you obtain a different job.
You can obtain information/directions and obtain the necessary forms below.  You can have your Work Permit issued at our school (San Andreas Site) by Dana at 209-754-0532 ext. 0.


Here are some thoughts about teen employment…

Teens get hurt when:

• they take on jobs for which they’re not trained

• they don’t have appropriate supervision, or

• they work with dangerous equipment.

High hazard jobs for youth include handling cash late at night in stores or fast food operations, especially when alone, working around hot oil or grease in restaurants, and working at heights in construction jobs. Driving is one of the leading causes of job injury and death among 16 and 17 year old workers, even though federal law prohibits driving as an occupation for those under 18. Selling candy and other consumer goods door-to-door and on the street is also hazardous to youth, with increased risk of motor vehicle injury and vulnerability to assaults and abductions.

Click below to download Work Permit packet with information and forms. 

ALL working students must complete a NEW Work Packet each year. Please see Mentor Teacher for details. If you have questions, please email Janice at: [email protected]