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This online program will help improve your typing speed! 
Parents need to know that this website provides a touch-screen typing skills program that can help anyone type faster on devices like the iPad. It is also helpful for kids who have a writing disability and need to practice learning the keyboard. It provides tips for cool iPad shortcuts to increase speed and use key-specific tricks. (Did you know that swiping up on the comma key turns it into an apostrophe key?) A heat map indicates red where your finger missed the mark and green where you hit the right key for the lesson. The free version is limited to speed tests and one-time samples. Paid content includes single lessons -- such as a crash course, an intermediate, or advanced course. The entire touch-screen typing curriculum includes lessons, tests, practice documents, detailed results, and leaderboards.
Offers a comprehensive multi-grade typing curriculum that is perfect for all ages and levels, K-12 and beyond.  Over 14,000,000 student and 250,000 teachers use