Sky Leaves

Jean Hutton

BA - Elementary Education - Multiple Subject 
MA - Learning Handicapped

Current Multiple Subject 
CLAD Certificate

Teaching Experience:
2 years grades 1-8 classroom
2 years grades 1-3 classroom
Mountain Oaks Mentor Teacher since 1999

children in general, identification and remediation of learning difficulties & dyslexia, math, computers, organization, brain research

dyslexia remediation, technology, organization and forms

Homeschool Philosophy:
“Education occurs in and influences all areas of our lives, whether we realize it or not. We as parents and teachers need to recognize this and encourage our students to be actively involved in learning all of the time. Children will rise to the expectations put upon them and they need to be taught to be self-motivated learners who are in charge of their own education and future.”

Grades Taught:

Site(s): San Andreas

Personal Homeschool Experience:
Son – 8 ½ years
Daughter – 9 years