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Jalynne Redman is retiring!

Dear Mountain Oaks Community,
It is a bittersweet feeling to announce the impending retirement of Jalynne Redman, effective January 31, 2019. Bitter, in that we will miss her terribly...sweet, because retirement will be a well-deserved rest for this extraordinarily dedicated teacher. I have no doubt that Jalynne's days will be filled with German Shepards, family, and friends.
We will miss her teaching skills, her technology knowledge, her flair for pushing the boundaries, and her talent for working with students of all ages and abilities. Her workshops will continue, as Monika and Sarah have stepped forward to continue the technology program that Jalynne started for our Mountain Oaks' students. Kathleen has offered to teach the Creative Writing class.
Please take a moment to stop by Jalynne's office to thank her for her years of dedication to our community, and to wish her a happy, healthy retirement. She will be missed.
All the best, Anne