Survey for 10th Graders

If you would like your child to opt out of the survey, please follow the form link at the end of this email to do so. 
Study Procedures:• The 10th graders will be asked to complete a 40-minute survey, which asks about school experiences, attitudes toward school and education, plans for the future, use of and attitudes about using alcohol and drugs, work experiences and preferences, and health and leisure activities.
Things You Should Know:• MTF is an annual survey funded by the National Institutes of Health and tracks changes in the attitudes, opinions and behavior of American young people.• Its results are widely reported and are used by many organizations to develop better policies and programs that affect the nation’s youth.
• There are no questions about sexual behavior or abortion.• Students are informed that their participation is voluntary and that they may skip any questions they wish.• Students usually find the survey interesting and enjoy the opportunity to express their views.• Review copies of the survey are available through the school.• The school will receive a monetary contribution this year, as well as national reports from the study.
Confidentiality:• The questionnaires are anonymous—containing no names or other identifying information. In addition, a special Grant of Confidentiality from the U.S. Department of Justice protects all information gathered in this study.• We will keep research data for future research. We may share survey data with other investigators without asking for consent again, but anonymous survey data cannot identify your child.
Questions?• The researchers conducting study ID HUM00217920 can be contacted at the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center at (800) 766-2864.• If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, or wish to obtain information, ask questions or discuss any concerns about this study with someone other than the researcher(s), please contact the University of Michigan Health Sciences and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board, 2800 Plymouth Rd., Building 520, Room 1169, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800, (734) 936-0933 [or toll free, (866) 936-0933], [email protected].
Only complete the form below if you'd like your student to opt out of the survey. 
Tanya O'Geen