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End of Year Library Material and Chromebook Return Policy

For all Library Materials, excluding Chromebooks, we require that you either return them or renew them for summer use by end of school on June 3rd. You are free to use materials over the summer but they must be renewed to do so. We do require eyes on any material being renewed, no material will be renewed via word of mouth or phone, the items must come in and we get to look at them before renewing. The only exception to this rule will be if you cannot come on campus we will accept either a google meet and we can see the items, or pictures of each item clearly showing the state of the item and the library barcode. 
Any material not returned or renewed this way by end of school on June 3rd will be marked as lost and a fine will be added to your account, this will prevent you from checking anything out other than curriculum texts until it is taken care of. 
For Chromebooks, this year we are requiring all Chromebooks to be returned for the summer by June 3rd. If you have an academic need for the Chromebook over the summer please have your teacher approve the request and bring the Chromebook in for inspection and renewal, along with signing a new use agreement for the next year. 
Any Chromebook not returned or renewed with teacher approval by June 3rd will be disabled remotely and rendered unusable until returned to us.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the library or technology department.