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California Science Test (CAST)

To reward those students in grades 5, 8 and 12 who voluntarily choose to take the test, we will give each of them two (2) Rewards 2.0 points.  Click to learn more about Rewards 2.0 points and see the catalog of what may be "purchased" with these points.  
As always, students may also earn Rewards 2.0 points for how well they do on the CAST test as is stated on the website: 
"CAST Tests
     a.  Points will be awarded for Placement only
            i. Scoring "Standards Met" will award 1 point
            ii. Scoring Standards Exceeded" will award 2 points
            iii. Will be awarded after CAT rest results are available"
​(Note that 12th graders will not receive the points for how they score because we don't get the test results back until next school year and they will be gone by then! 12th graders will receive the two points for taking the test upon completion.)
Please contact your mentor teacher to schedule a time to take the CAST.