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Lifeskill in Action Round 3

Thanks to everyone who recognized members of our school community and ways that they had demonstrated perseverance. This time last year, our fearless Leader, Principal Bill Redford, wrote a lifeskill card to our entire Mountain Oaks Team for showing perseverance by ”overcoming loss, stress, sickness, deadlines, I-Ready Round 1 and still doing an amazing job serving kids”. The need for perseverance seems to have only multiplied since then and our community still seems to be taking the challenges in stride. “Perseverance furthers” to quote the Tao Te Ching or Chinese Book of Change.

Now we have considered three life skills as a school community: organization, sense of humor and perseverance. Maybe patience, cooperation, problem-solving or courage may be the next for us to consider. The staff will likely concur upon our next area of focus for our Lifeskill In Action program once the dust settles at the starting line of this very unusual school year. If you’d like to spearhead this next round or volunteer to support the program, please contact our school counselor at