Library Schedule and Resource Checkout

Mentor Teacher Hour (Yellow): Each Mentor Teacher will be given 1 hour each week to schedule a limited number of families into the library. We understand that this time is very limited, if this time doesn't work for you we encourage you to consider other options for getting materials.

Mentor Teacher Meeting Pick-Up: If your Mentor Teacher time is full or does not work with your schedule you may coordinate a time to retrieve library materials and resources directly from your Mentor Teacher, this means you will need to ask your Mentor Teacher to suggest materials and/or provide you with options they can retrieve during Teachers Only (Orange).
Friday pick-up/drop-off and appointments (Green): EVERY Friday morning from 9 AM to 12 Noon there will be pick-up and drop-off hours at the rear door of the library (shipping and receiving door). There is no appointment needed for pick-up/drop-off but you do need to work with your Mentor to ensure materials are prepared for pick-up if you are picking up. Friday afternoons from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Blue) there will be limited appointments available to ALL families, this is not limited by Mentor. Appointments will need to be made via email through your Mentor Teacher or the Library Email posted with the final schedule on our website (Again the appointment email and schedule will be posted on August 10th, the first day of school).
Library Schedule