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Mountain Oaks Student Featured in The Union Democrat

Here is what the article said about Adrien:
     Adrien Wood is one of the Calaveras 4-H ag students taking part in this year's Junior Livestock Auction.  Adrien is 10 years old and he's in a 5th grade at Mountain Oaks Charter School.  He's raising a lamb for meat production.  He's already sold another lamb to a breeder, his mom, Amber Wood, said Monday in a phone interview.  
     "This is my fifth year in 4-H," Adrien said, "I've raised chickens and sheep.  I like 4-H because I can be responsible with animals and care for them."
     Adrien said he's been making sure his sheep are healthy and they have good body structure.  He says he feeds them a handful of alfalfa and 3 percent of their body weight in a gran mix called Lamb Slam.  Last time he checked, his lamb for the auction weighed about 110 pounds.
     Asked what he hopes to do in the future, when he gets out of high school, Adrien said he's thinking of being an artist and opening a new kind of restaurant that serves pancakes.
     "He makes us pancakes every weekend," Amber Wood said and laughed.  "That doesn't surprise me."