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Yearbook Photos Needed

I love it when we can get event participants to create the page. It makes it more personal.   If you are interested in creating a page for an event you attended, please let me know and we will create an account for you to actually work on the yearbook.  Since we are not having a second Photo Day, we will really need a lot of student photos.  These can be taken by the parents and submitted.  It doesn't have to be professional, even just a candid favorite picture of your child.  

We do not have any photos for the following events:

Halloween Parade

Book Fair Events

Dinner with a Scientist

Celtic Fair

Valentine's Day Party

Teddy Bear Clinic

COVID-19 Photos (Please send us photos of any cool, fun projects you are doing during the COVID-19 quarantine.  Families have been encouraged to do Time Capsules and these would be great photos to add to our yearbook. We also know that families are getting creative and having fun with homeschooling and would love to add photos of what our families are doing during this time)

Families can also add photos to other school events.

If you have any issues or are interested in helping out with the yearbook, please contact Samantha at