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Students Team Up to BASH the CoVid 19 Virus
           A collective of a dozen Mountain Oaks students from all three sites teamed up with our counselor, Daniel, to make a poster and launch the BASH D Crown Campaign to promote preventative and health-enhancing behaviors to contain the novel CoVid 19coronavirus. We can each participate in this campaign by staying healthy and keeping our personal immunity strong.  BASH D stands for the 5 recommended lifestyle habits that will protect us, our families and community from spreading this serious, viral infection. BASH D will make it easier to remember if you review what each letter means a handful of times.  As our new administrator, Bill Redford says, "a person has to hear something six times before they get it."  So our challenge to you is to review the info on the poster that we made a handful of times, 5 or 6 to be sure, and then recite all five tips to someone else to prove that you know them.  When you do this you will become a BASH D Crown Campaign Deputy and be ready to encourage others to learn how to BASH D Crown; crown is English for the Spanish word corona, which is the name of the family of viruses that we started learning about in the 1960s and whose novel new form CoVid 19 is the enemy that this campaign is designed to contain.
        So let's go through the steps that we'll use to BASH D Crown
stands for Bumps and Bowsnot handshakes and hugs for a while until the threat is determined by scientists to be behind us.  Bowing or bumping elbows, feet or knuckles is the in-trend this Spring!  Social distancing is necessary to avoid spreading unwanted viruses between us.
stands for Address Your Stress.  Stress is addressed and managed when we find ways to calm our anxieties and tension through sensory and thinking strategies.  Mindfulness and exercise keep our immune functions strong to battle foreign invaders.  When we are healthy and happy, we can best serve those in our home and in our community.  There are phone apps like CALM, Headspace and Synctuition, books like Smart Moves and the Zones of Regulation and on-line video lessons like Brain Gym, Tapping, HANDLE work and Yoga-Kids that can guide this effort to address your stress.
stands for Savor Your Sleep.  Getting proper rest is one of the most powerful medical and psychological self-care strategies for weathering times of crisis, particularly if you routinize the recommended 8 to 12 hours each night, depending upon your age, to optimize your wellness.
stands for Hands. Viruses spread when our hands touch infected countertops, knobs, handles, keyboards, writing utensils, toys, pets,etc. and then enter our bodies through our mouth, noses or eyes.  Coronaviruses have been found to live on surfaces up to a week and scientific study states that we touch our faces on average 120 times each day.  Our nose has filters so avoid breathing through your mouth when someone in your environment sneezes or coughs.  Washing hands under warm, running water for 20 seconds (that's 2 times through singing Happy Birthday to yourself) is the best bet for arresting viral spread to the lungs where coronaviruses reproduce and make people ill.  Hand sanitizers stronger than 60% alcohol is another way to keep your hands safe from spreading the CoVid 19 coronavirus.
That's BASH, now finally let's talk D for Droplets.  The campaign calls for containing yours and avoiding theirs.  Social distancing and sanitizing any surfaces that our hands touch prevents respiratory droplets from being passed human-to-human.  Dealing intelligently with respiratory droplets by coughing and sneezing into disposable tissue or cloth will stop the spread of virus.  
         It is now time to study the poster and memorize all five tips!  When you are ready to prove that you know them, tell a trusted grown-up what BASH D Crown stands for.  When you prove that you know your 5 marching orders from Mountain Oaks Safety Central Command, you will be deputized to spread the word about how to BASH D Crown.