Animal Awareness Week

Animal Awareness Week

Cecilia O'Geen has planned out a whole week of activities leading up to the annual Earth Day Celebration.

Monday 4/17: Topic- Pollution
This will take only take the lunch hour. The Green Team will give a presentation on the effects of plastic pollution on animals and then will run an activity to teach kids how to sort recycling. They will also have a upcycle craft.

Tuesday 4/18: Topic- Domestic Animals
FOAC, ACVH, or Humane society will come and talk about how to care for your pets at home. If it is possible to arrange for a bring your pet to school day, that would be great. This will run from 12-1. This will interfere with the Kindness Crew. Pottery will be over and Leadership will be helping with the event. I will reach out to Brenda. We want people to participate and we worry about how many people are likely to come if we do it on Monday.

Wednesday 4/19: Topic- Animals in Art
There will be displays around the courtyard and library on different artists that include animals in their artwork. During lunch, students will learn how to do a self-portrait of themselves with an animal.

Thursday 4/20: Topic- Wildlife
Tri-county wildlife will come in at 1:30 to do a demonstration with their raptor birds. This will only interfere with PE, which has been discussed with Andrew.

Friday 4/21: Topic - Earth Day Celebration
We will end the week with the Earth Day Celebration. Upcycling crafts, games, Possible school clean up, seeds/start exchange. If the play is on this night, part of the proceeds will be donated to one of the animal shelters

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