About Me

BA - Marketing
MA - Special Education


Teaching Experience:

Mountain Oaks Mentor Teacher since 2015

I love to make jewelry, cards, paint, refinish furniture.  I can spend hours gardening, cooking and working on my house. I love all things baseball and I am an A's fan. I love to read and learn.  I wanted to be a teacher all of my life and I am very pleased that I have finally fulfilled my childhood ambitions.


Art, classroom management, social skills, study skills and Algebra.

Homeschool Philosophy:
“Creating life long learners one person at a time.”

Grades Taught:

Site(s): San Andreas

Personal Homeschool Experience:
Son – 8 years

Classes I teach:
 Art K-3

Elementary school is a time to have fun with art. Students will be introduced to a wide range of media including watercolor, pastels, acrylics, chalk, drawing and mixed media to name a few. Each week the students will be introduced to an element of art or principle of design in accordance with California state standards for art. They will also be exposed to various artists, art forms or children’s literature as they relate to the days project. Children are taught responsibility when they clean up behind themselves before leaving. Projects begin and end in one class period and are displayed in the school library for one week at the students discretion.

Art 4-8

This is an important age for students in relation to art. They are beginning to realize that their art does not look the way they want and peer approval affects their willingness to put their thoughts to paper.  This class is dedicated to keeping art fun and developing skills that will keep them participating in art into adulthood.  They will continue to study the elements and principles of art as prescribed by the California state standards for art as well as focus on drawing and painting techniques that will help them attain the results they want. Emphasis on vocabulary when looking at art history and peer work helps them to express what they observe visually. Projects are not repeated in order that a student can take this art class all 4 years and ideally not repeat the same project twice. The students are expected to clean before leaving this class and their art work is displayed for one week at the students discretion.

7-8 Art

This is a special art class that has been created to incorporate STEM projects with Art.  This workshop is being designed to be an artistic maker space.  The plan is to create animatronic puppets that utilize “Little Bits” technology to drive motors and sensors that will allow students to create moving parts.  The little bits are very easy to use and no programming is required.  These puppets will be displayed in the semesters theatre program.  The students may, but will  not be required to go on stage as the Little Bits can be run remotely from a smart phone, they are blue tooth compatible. This is a new direction and students will be challenged with making molds, metal armatures, paper mache and other 3D art techniques as well as problem solving their designs.