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Life Skills In Action

Life Skills In Action 

          “Life Skills In Action” is a new program conceived by Mountain Oak’s new counselor, Daniel O’Connell and implemented by a cadre of student volunteers to encourage conversation within our school community among students K-12, staff, parents and school supporters about skills that contribute to success in life.  We’ll focus on these life skills one-at-a-time and see how its expression can be explored through art, biographies, books, movies, songs and web sites to benefit ourselves and our world.

          We can continually be learning about life skills and how they serve us in our day-to-day lives.  To promote conversations about the skill that we’re presently focused upon, we want to encourage people to notice when someone is demonstrating it. When you witness a Life Skill In Action, we’d like you to get a card from our bulletin board in the Valley Oak wing at the San Andreas Mountain Oaks campus and jot down who showed that skill and how they did it with a sentence or two.  Then sign your name to the card, color it a bit, if you wish, and give it to the person that you noticed exhibited that skill.  The recipient of the card is asked to turn it into the artsy, pink box by the counselor’s office door.  The cards will be used to line the border of our bulletin board and inform our school community members about how that skill is alive and manifested at our school.  When we’ve completed framing our display with life skill cards, we’ll put all the ones about students and written by students into a drawing sponsored by a generous community member who has donated a prize.  Sense of Humor is the first life skill that we’re focused upon and Anne Coleman has donated a $25 I-Tunes gift card to incentivized people observing and showing a good sense of humor and making notes about it on life skill cards.

          The Life Skill In Action program is also a great way for high school students to earn volunteer hours and become more involved with others in the Mountain Oaks community.  Student participants can apply to act as an artist or a promoter of a particular life skill and work with others to earn service learning hours building awareness of the life skill.  Applications to be an artist or promoter are on the counselor’s door along with the list of the life skills that we’ll be considering over the course of this program. After Sense of Humor, we will likely focus upon Organization.  Please join in and help us have some fun and learn about how life skills can prepare us for a more fulfilling and successful life!